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How the Fed to raise interest rates in China's SMEs
Browse: Date:2017-11-23
The reason for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, sum up nothing more than two:
First, adjust their own economy, which is the source of interest rates. According to the latest statistics released, the U.S. economy is close to full employment and economic growth has reached the expected level. Tightening monetary liquidity can effectively prevent the economy from overheating and control the growth of its own inflation.
The second is to combat the emerging market economies. As a world currency, every round of rate hikes will cause the global capital flow to reverse. Capital flows from some emerging economies and resource exporters, causing their own currencies to devalue and the debt burden aggravating, which in turn will lead to financial turmoil and even crisis in some areas This is the usual tactic used by the United States to consolidate its dominant position in the world economy.
The new round of currency warfare is ostensibly the United States to adjust its own economic structure. However, the purpose of the war is to create a new economic order for the Belt and Road.

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